About Me

Hi, Im Travis, and I am writing this from my basement. That doesn’t sound too exciting, but I have to start somewhere. I have worked all kinds of jobs, and my goal is to become self employed and generate all my income online. I am going to use this blog to cover my progress.

Here is a quick Bio on me, and maybe I will do some blog posts to expand this later.

During high school I took an auto shop class, and it really clicked. I was never really the best student, I never tried that hard and working on cars was something I found very easy and enjoyable. I liked fixing things. I went to a year long training program on how to fix cars, and I quickly got a job, and very quickly I learned it wasn’t for me. I worked at a shop where they repaired diesel powered heavy equipment. The fumes and noise gave me constant headaches. It was not not fun anymore, and I knew there was more to the world so I went back to school.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I enrolled into a liberal arts program at the local community college. I wanted to learn and expand my horizons, and eventually get a good job. I really enjoyed liberal arts, I was able to meet some interesting people. And learn about other cultures. It was great, but it didn’t really prepare me for a job. You gotta make money to live in this world you know. Interesting how that works.

After I graduated from the community college, I went on to a four year university, where I had to declare a major. I just picked one based on what jobs I could get, after a few false starts and nearly dropping out, I ended up in a geology classes for an elective, and that had me instantly hooked. I finally found something I really liked and I put all my effort into. I actually got good grades when I put my mind to something. In high school, not much interested me, so I tried just enough to get by. But in college there was no way that was going to work, and besides I actually enjoyed college, I was there by my own choice. I loved geology, it was a mix of going out in the field, getting to travel to neat places, and computer work. I liked the balanced aspect of it, I love the out doors, but sometimes I would rather stay in and work on something on the computer.

As soon as I graduated I landed a job at a mine in Alaska, it was north of the arctic circle, and it paid almost into the six figures. How cool was that ?! I went from being a broke college student to making big bucks nearly over night. I thought I was going to love it, doing geology and getting paid for it ! Boy was I wrong. Most of my job was not even geology, maybe 25% of my job was actual geology, the rest was about profit for the company. All that mattered was the bottom line. Maybe I will do a blog post on this later, I could write several novels on all the things I saw up there.

The job turned out to be corporate hell. I cant think of another way to put it. After a few years I left, and bounced around to a few different jobs. I got married and decided to have kids. I love geology work, but most of it requires that you travel and be away from home. I had to make a choice, either do geology, or watch my kid grow up. Since kids only grow up once, it was a no brainier that I was going to give up the travel life.

A few jobs, and few years later, I have come to realize that I want to control my life, not be at the whim of some boss or company. I am not going to do their bidding so they can make a few extra bucks. Or do some grunt work because the boss is having a bad day and wants to take it out on his underlings. One thing I told my supervisor at the mine the day I quit, was I am responsible for myself and my own well being, I don’t care if you try and give me more money to stay, that doesn’t matter and I don’t think you will understand that, you, the company, other bosses are not going to control me, I am in control of my own destiny.

Ever since that day, I have been learning about going out on my own. I am going to be responsible for my own paycheck and my own wellbeing. I was led to believe that if you go to college, you will get a good job and be happy the rest of your life, that system is not for me I want to be free of the chains, and make my own way.

I am going to use this blog to document my journey. I have done a lot of soul searching and here is where I belong.