Firefly Magic Book Review

Firefly Magic by Lauren Sapala

As soon as I saw that Lauren wrote this book I ordered off Amazon pronto. I have Lauren’s other two books, Between the Shadow and Lo, and The INFJ Writer, both of which I highly recommend. The INFJ Writer and Firefly Magic are written in a similar style where there are exercises at the end of each chapter for the reader to reflect upon. In The INFJ Writer Lauren states that you have to actually do the exercises in the book for it to do you and good,. Being a self-help book junkie I am totally guilty of reading self-help books and not doing the exercises, and now thinking about that, I might go back and re read some books on my book shelf.. That all changed a few years ago when I read the INFJ Writer. I would read a few chapters, and then go back over the questions posed at the end each section. Some of the questions take a bit of pondering, it may take a day or two for my brain to come up with something. I will open up a blank word document, write down the question and write out what comes to mind, at then when I finish the book I will have quite a bit of information out there where I can review it.

Firefly Magic is no different, if you are an intuitive HSS/HSP writer like myself, Lauren knows how your brain works. Its like she opens up your head, looks at all the programming , neurons and connections in there, takes pictures of it and then puts in all into words that we can actually understand. I have taken a marketing class, and read several other books about it, but none of them really worked for me. They all seemed a bit scammy or like they were aimed at the used car salesman type. A lot of those other books have a few things in common, they say you need to change your personality and become more extroverted, and while that is partially true, an introvert cannot become an extrovert. Now I am not saying these other books and blogs do not have good information, because they do, but their targeted audience is not the Intuitive HSP type of person that many writers are.

Lauren knows that you have a book that you are working on that is partially finished or on its 3rd re-write that you have been working on for a while. I am totally guilty of this, I have been working on my novel for about 4 years and its still in rough shape. Firefly Magic comes for Lauren’s experience as a writing coach, she helped me out with my novel a few years ago, her book is the combination of hundreds (maybe thousands ?) of coaching sessions put into actionable bits for the reader. If you are an Intuitive writer you cannot skip this book.