Boulders in the Room

I read about an interesting concept the other day, and it is a similar idea to an elephant in the room, but a boulder instead. I see an elephant and something that is there , but its alive and it can move, you can offer it some metaphorical food or water and get it to move out eventually on its own. You might have to cut a hole in the wall so it can find its way out, but its a living breathing thing. A boulder on the other hand, is dead, or more correctly not living , as dead would imply that it was alive at one time or another. A boulder has never been alive. You can’t offer it food or water to see if it will walk out the door like the elephant that you just got rid of. The elephant will follow you around into different rooms, but the boulder is fixed, you have to create you life around the boulder. Maybe you can paint it, or hang pictures on it, put your furniture around it, but no matter what its still a massive boulder in the middle of your living room.

Its one of those things that is there, but you kinda always wonder how it got there. Who built the house around a boulder anyways ? The next dilemma is , do you want to always have that boulder in your room, or do you want to find a way to get rid of it ?

What is your boulder ? I know I have more than one, lots actually, and my head tends to be full of them (I went to college for geology, I have been accused of having a head full of rocks…) but I am not talking about granite or any other physical rock, but the boulder that is blocking my living room. One of the biggest boulders in my room is about money. I have this belief that money is evil, and you have to do things you do not want to do to create money. When I was a kid the only way I could get money was by doing chores that I did not want to do. Mom and Dad were doing me a service by teaching little Travis that money does not come for free, you have to do some sort of work to get it, mow the lawn, do the dishes, etc. I could not just do what I wanted like find sweet jumps for my bike and have money. I did my chores most of the time and got paid, when I didn’t do them, no money. Life is really that simple . Do some work, get paid. Don’t work, don’t get paid. Fast forward 30 some years and that part of life has not changed much, go to work to do some things that I have to do and I get a paycheck every two weeks. Although at this point in most peoples adult lives you have to do more than just mow the lawn and do the dishes to get create enough money to live on. In fact I still do those things but no one pays me to do it. How come we don’t have robot servants that do that by now ? If you have ever seen the movie Wall-E is probably a bad idea anyways.. but I digress. I have to spend more time at my job than I do with my family.

I have to go to my job to support myself, but is there another way ? I cant just quit my job, as the cliché says I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. I want to create a job that I like doing, like blogging and writing, but I have to work around my normal job and other commitments to work at it.

There are 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. I spend on average 40 hours a week at work. Lets break this down.

One week equals 7×24 = 168 hours a week that everyone has.

Sleep 7×7 = 49 hours
Work 4×10 = 40 hours
Commute = 1.6 hours total

With work comes commuting. I work 4 ten hour shifts and commute about 20 minutes each way in the summer, and winter can be much more, depending. On average I would say 25 minutes each way so lets call it 50 minutes a day

Commuting = 50×4 = 100 minutes or 1.6 hours a week.

I want to total this up so far

49+40+1.6 = 90.6

168-90.6= 77.4

That leaves me 77.4 hours to do everything else I need to do in the week after work and sleep. A few other non negotiable items.

Sitting on the Toilet – Google tells me that the average person spends 1 hour and 42 minutes a week on the throne. Hmm, I might have to check into the myself but we will go with what google says, 1.75

Food shopping/preparing 4, eating, another 4

Toilet 1.75
Food prep/shopping 4
Eating 4

4+4+1.75 = 9.75

77.4-9.75 = 67.65

Now I am down to 67.65, What else do I waste time on, … TV. Tv is a thing that is varies by the season where I currently reside. In the winter I estimate that I watch 3 to 4 hours a week, the weather sucks and its dark by 4pm in the middle of winter so I watch a little more tv than I would like, But summer on the other hand I watch almost zero, when its nice outside, and I would rather not watch Tv, , So I will average it out over the year at 2 hours per week.

Reading, I am pretty good a reading, I read at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. I will round it to 3.5 hours a week.

Now I am down to 67.65-5.5 = 62.15

Lets round it to 62 to make it easy. 62 hours seems like a lot, but I really am not quite sure where the rest of it goes. I spent a lot of time with family. My guess is that I spend about 30 hours with the family, and about 2 hours a week exercising.

That still leaves me 30 hours that I could be working on creating more money. I spend some time writing this blog and other writing activities, but that really doesn’t make me any money, but I enjoy doing it. Should I spend that time creating money instead of writing ? In theory if I spent my extra 30 hours a week on something that would make me money I could leave my day job eventually and focus more on writing. But writing doesn’t really make me money, but its a creative output for me and its something that fuels my soul. With out some sort of output I feel lost, like a bottle floating around on the ocean with no destination. I have this desire in me to create, and maybe someday I will publish the book I have been working on, I need to put it out into the world, but that is a day that is far away and I will put it out when the time is right.

Is it possible to make a living from what fuels your soul ? Or I am being materialistic?
What does your boulder look like ?