On Personal Development

I was first introduced to the Myers Briggs system when I was working for a large company, it was part of their career development for the employees. It worked a little too well for them, as much as they tried to keep me from leaving a promising corporate career, I learned that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing because I was trying to fake being an extrovert.

Learning that I was INFJ changed my life. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would change my outlook on life entirely. Its been over 5 years since I discovered those 4 letters, and I am still discovering new things about it today.

I found out I am not the only weird one out there, there are actually others who are wired like me ! Not many, as I don’t think I have met one in real life, but they do exist !

My corporate mentors taught me a lot, but one thing I didn’t agree with was always fixing your weaknesses. Fix the weak link, a team is only as strong as its weakest member. Sure you need to work on your weaknesses, but why not leverage your strengths instead ? Why have the person who is a terrible public speaker present a meeting to the big wigs at corporate ? Why have the guy who is terrible at writing write an article for the news print ?

Everyone should work on their weaknesses from time to time, but if you are going to do a big project, why take a fish out of water ?

My personnel development is always changing, every time I learn something new I add it to my list of things to do or not do. Part of my plan was starting this blog to document my journey and be able to see my progress over time. I have a lot of things going on, from creative writing to personal finance . A few of my goals are:

-Finish my novel – I have been working on this since 2014, I am not going to disclose to many details yet as I am not quite ready.
-Set aside more time for creative pursuits (see above)
-Create passive income – part of my financial goals
-Grow my passive income to replace my active income/work for myself
-Write at least 2 blog posts per month
– Exercise at least 3x per week

All of my goals require me to get up a few hours before I go to work. Currently my day job requires me to work 10 hour shifts, and when I get home I am almost always too tired to do much besides eat dinner and relax. In order to get things done I have to do it before work. Also I have 2 small children at home and my wife works full time, and if you have ever tried to get any work done around small children you know what I am talking about, the only time the house is quiet is around 4am.

It all takes small steps, one of my biggest goals is to leave my current job and not work for another employer. I am going to be self employed and work entirely online. I want to travel with my family and its not easy to do it when you have to go into a day job for 40 to 50 hours each week.

As an INFJ a few things I have picked up over the years,
I need alone and quiet time – hiking does wonders
I need some sort of outlet for my creative energy, whether it is working on building/fixing something in the garage or writing my novel, the energy gets stored up and or wasted if I dont put it to good use
I need to exercise regularly and eat well, sounds like common sense, but getting exercise and fresh air does wonders for your soul
I need a balance of social time and alone time

I listed a few of my goals for personal development, what are yours ? Any suggestions ?