INFJ Burnout

What is it about the INFJ burn out ? I cant quite seem to conquer it. To me, just about everything in life gets old after a while, every job I have had eventually turns into the movie Groundhog Day. Its life on endless repeat, and when I feel like there is nothing more to be learned, my brain just shuts off.

Its been a viscous cycle all my life. At first I go head first full steam into something I like, I am obsessed, but after a while, I learn all there is to learn, and I am done. Ready to move on to something else. The only problem is, life doesn’t always follow the same cycle.

A college class requires you to keep working on the same thing for months on end.

An employer wants you to work on the same thing till you retire.

I could go on, but how do you get life to go along with your tendencies. Do you get burned out ? Or do you keep going ? I have known a lot of people who are quite comfortable with endless repetition, and they don’t mind doing the same thing day in and day out, in fact they get quite comfortable doing it and get upset when their routine gets thrown off. A detour ruins their day/week/year etc. I love detours !

I need new stimulation frequently to keep me motivated and interested, I am all in or all out. A lot of advice you read out there says to follow your passion. Ok, but what if your passion changes all the time and I am not even sure what my passions are ? Sure there are a lot of things I am interested in, but after a while it changes.

For example, I used to love working on cars. I liked taking an old run down car and bringing it back to life. This was when I was much younger, and I fell to the allure of my my inferior function Extroverted Sensing. I liked working with my hands, and I was quiet good at it, but I made the mistake of wanting to do it for a living. I started off early in my career as a diesel mechanic, very quickly I learned I was not able to do things on my schedule and my way, as employers are only in it for profit, they want things done fast and with short cuts. They don’t really care about too much else. I wanted to do things right, and to do things right it takes, time, and that is not profitable. I burned out quickly, when I worked on cars for a hobby, I could stop when I wanted, take my time and do the job right, but not so when working for someone else.

Fast forward about 15 years and I still like cars, and I like to work on them in my spare time, but I could never do it for a living again. Now I know that my inferior function is fun , but using it too much will lead to burn out.

Infj’s out there, what do you do about burn out ?